This school year we will be partnering with Yemojas Gifts (http://yemojasgifts.weebly.com/) to run seven different arts and education programs. We will be working strategically to promote enhanced culturally centered educational curriculum throughout the city. Materials and volunteer support is still needed to make each program a success. Please see below for the various program offerings: 

Henrico High Journeys Program 
Select English classes will be taught  as a journey through History. The class will explore ancient sciences, traditional world history, and cultural connections. All SOLs will be covered as students increase self discovery and self knowledge. 

Henrico Roots Student Group/Black Student Union 
This extracurricular student organization will explore all aspects of culture through specialized workshops and by planning and hosting events such as Kwanzaa, spoken word events, and the annual Black History Program. This program is designed to improve self awareness and self advocacy. 

Richmond Performance Alliance's ELLA  Program 
We will be returning to participate in the Richmond Performance Alliance's ELLA program which brings arts into education to give the children a unique teaching experience. We will be instructing two different programs at MLK preschool and Boushall's Middle school.  

Fahodi Shule 
In our first Home school initiative program, we will be leading two programs in our after school arts and education academy. We will have lessons from the The Griot way which is a performance theater class and dance and culture classes. 

 Hopewell Community Center
For the first time ever, we will debuting our program from Hip Hop to the Kingdoms. this program will be an after school class that  will explore the history and elements of hip hop and links those elements to phases of African American and African History. This is a researched, hands on project based course that links literacy, history, and urban culture.

Calasbash Lessons
In an effort to have more of our stories floating around the community, we have launched the Calabash initative. We turn folktales from all over Africa into musicals or story telling sessions and share them with the community. Going into our second year, we are not working to have every story or every book available to the community at every performance. 

All of our programs are directed under the belief that these children are not at risk but at reach. If we empower their minds, they can ascend because they understand that their history does not began with slavery and we now have the option to return to traditional greatness physically, mentally and spiritually. 

To support all of the young people that will be participating, we will be relying on school budgets, hosting fundraisers, writing grants, and soliciting for volunteer support and supplies and materials. 

For more information, please email ase-ile@culture4mykids.org or call 804-674-1208 


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